I'm doing the Whole 30




My 2nd Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 0 - February 3rd, 2014

Day 0 is preparation day again.

Last month, to prepare, I set up to re-read the book, but I must confess and haven't finished the re-reading yet.

But I still have some homework to do today, such as:

  1. Clean up your pantry and fridge (at work, since the ones at home I share with family...)
  2. Set your goals
  3. Take a before picture to create a before and after comparison of yourself

The cleanup part at work I did the worse way possible: by eating all the chocolate I had on my drawer. Yeah yeah... but... it was chocolate. and a good one!

So for this one I'll see it more like a prepare your pantry and fridge by buying the right ingredients. A stop at Whole Foods took care of it.

For setting goals, my ultimate goal this time is to learn what exactly affects me, how and to what level.

Since the end of my first try, everytime I alowed myself something, I did it from all different 'prohibited' groups. As a consequence, I have no clue of what affects me how.

So this time, after the 30th day, I'll re-introduce each ingredient separately allowing myself time to evaluate how I feel and ultimately decide what I can/want to continue eating at a regular basis, what I can have sporadically, and what I'll really try to avoid.

The before and after comparisons are always cool. Being the second time around, and not too long after the first I don't think the difference will as as big as on the first time, but it would still be interesting to see.

So here's the picture taken today and some numbers.

Before Picture on the 2nd time I try the Whole30 program

I also weighted myself on my TANITA scale that measures BMI too.
Weight: 125lb.
BMI: 22%

By the way, that's 2 pounds heavier than last week. Not sure if because of my pantry cleaning, or because I weighted myself at a different time of the day.

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