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My 2nd Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 11 - February 14th, 2014

Valentines day! Friday! Parents Night Out event in school!!! Date night!!! yay! But date night on valentines during whole30... means no chocolate desert, no wine, no cheese platter... oh well... still date night my hubby! Yay!

Meal 1

In the morning, I had fried eggs on top of avocado e pico de gallo.

First meal of Day 11: eggs avocado and pico de gallo

Meal 2

For lunch, I had another cafeteria salad. But today, due to my tiredness of having always the same salad, mixed with my grumpiness to worry about ingredients list, I decided I wasn't going to worry too much and got the olives from the salad bar, which I have been avoiding due to the suspicious ha it could possible contain some canola oil on the marinade. But it's just a suspicion of a possibility. So the heck with it, I had my olives. I also felt I needed something that would satiate me a bit better. This light salad story is starting to make me feel not great. I guess I need more calories. So olives it is! ;o)

Second meal of Day 11: Salad with olives

Meal 3

At night, the kids stayed in the Parent's Night Out event is school, while I went out with my husband. We had tickets for a movie and reservation for dinner at Coho at 9;15. But we were a bit afraid we'd be too hungry until dinner time, so we stopped at a French bakery, where Daniel had a quiche and I had fruit salad. Then, after the movie, we went to Coho, where I ordered a salmon wit veggies only (it was supposed to come also with mashed potatoes, but I passed on the potatoes). The veggies ended up being just green beans, which are legumes, but an OK legume, according to the It Starts With Food book:

However, you will find green beans, snow peas and sugar-snap peas on our shopping list, despite the fact that they are botanically legumes. Confused? Let us explain. Potentially disruptive compounds are found in the seeds of legumes — but green beans, snow peas and sugar-snap peas are an immature seed wrapped in a big green plant pod. Since what you're eating is mostly pod (not seed), we don't think those three legumes have the same issues as the others. Besides... if green beans are the worst thing in your diet, you're OK.

So I guess I'm OK... ;)

Third meal of Day 11: Salmon with green beans

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