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My 2nd Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 13 - February 16th, 2014

Second Sunday, but on a much easier weekend...

Meal 1

I need to admit here that I cannot remember how I did my eggs today, considering I'm writing this several days later. But I'm pretty sure it was eggs, though. With coffee.

Meal 2

I had promised the girls to go to the theater today after swimming class. But the schedules are a bit tight, so coming back home for lunch wasn't really an option. I showered them at the pool facility and then we headed to the same mall where the theater is to have lunch there. We ended up going to Claim Jumper and I ordered their Simply Grilled Mahi - Marinated in papaya juice and cilantro, lightly seared, then topped with avocado pico de gallo. Served with rice pilaf and roasted vegetables - the only thing I needed to do was to ask them to leave the rice out and bring it with the veggies only. It was delicious. My conscience always get a bit weird after eating out, because I never know what kind of oils they use on their stuff, but I choose not to worry about it.

Second meal of Day 13: Claim Jumper's Simply Grilled Mahi

Meal 3

At night, I had the ground beef once again, with cauliflower rice once again, but also with some leeks in tamarind sauce. Before you ask, nope, the tamarind sauce did not make the leeks awesome. Next time I guess I'll just keep it simple...

Third meal of Day 13: Beef, cauliflower rice and leeks

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