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My 2nd Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 3 - February 6th, 2014

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Writing this on the next day. Yesterday th day was just crazy. Nothing to do with food, but still crazy. In th morning, my anxiety level went so high that I must admit I had thought of non-Whole30-compiant comfort foods. But they stayed only as thoughts and I was able to keep true to the program.

Meal 1

At breakfast I had my coffee and eggs again. With the eggs I had a chicken apple sausage (Aidells). Very filing. So much so that I didn't leave my office for my before-lunch walk until 12:30, which meant I had lunch pretty late, without feeling extremely hungry.

Meal 2

For lunch, I went again for the salad bar at the cafeteria of my building. The salad is always good, but it was the third day in a row of almost the same salad, so I guess I need to really start investing time into cooking enough to be able to bring lunch to work.

Today's salad was built with spinach, arugula, carrots, bell peppers, mushroom, tomato, onions, cucumber, zucchini and tuna, dressed with olive oil and some freshly ground pepper. To drink, lemon infused water.

Second meal of Day 3: salad and infused water

Meal 3

For dinner I decided to cook a big batch of vegetable curry to able able to share with my husband at dinner, then still have leftovers for Friday's lunch. I guess I exaggerated a bit tough and got a LOT of leftovers. Not complaining, just saying... ;)

The curry itself ended up not being too tasty. I was a bit bland actually. Maybe I didn't adjust the seasonings well enough for the amount I cooked? Maybe I didn't let is simmer long enough? I don't know. But it was still good enough though.

Then I topped the curry with some leftover (the last bit of) pot roast. To drink, Perrier with a lemon wedge.

Last meal of Day 3: vegetable curry with beef

Then, just before bed, I decided to try a recipe someone from the group shared on email when I mentioned that I was craving a hot creamy drink this afternoon. I did a quick-fix version of the recipe, and on a smaller amount (due to being short on ingredients). It was a creamy turmeric tea and it tasted amazing. I little bit too spicy, but that was because I wasn't able to reduce the amount of cayenne pepper. It was already pretty minimum for the larger cup... Still very yummy! Will add it to my list of thing to have more often.

Before bed indulgence: creamy turmeric tea

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