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My 2nd Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 5 - February 8th, 2014

First Saturday of the first weekend on the program. And if already proved weekends though.

Our daughters were invited to a playdate in th house of on friend from the school. As it was the first time and we didn't really know their parent, nor did they know us, we ended up staying too. The girls were having so much fun that the playdate was prolonged and they offered us dinner. That was the hard part!

I tried to pick the food items that seemed the most compliant with the program, and stayed away from the starchy and sugary ones, but ended up having non-compliant ingredients that were hidden in the food.

Being the very first time we met the other parents, I didn't want to seem indelicate in asking how did they do the food they were serving us. I also didn't want to stop eating something that was on my plate after tasting some prohibited ingredient, afraid hey would think I didn't like the food... Oh well... At least I tried as much a I could to stay truth to the program.

Meal 1

My eggs today were made with a tiny bit of leftover carrots from last night and some roasted eggplant spread.

First meal of Day 5: Eggs with carrots and eggplant spread

Meal 2

For lunch I had a steak, with a cube of chayote and another of spaghetti squash, and a warm mix of bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes.

Second meal of Day 5: beef, warm bell peper side, spagetthi and  chayote squashes

Meal 3

Dinner was to one at the school parents house. The guy made a whole bunch of stuff while we chatted with lady. from what i though would be OK to eat, I had seaweed salad, guacamole, chopped salad, a hardboiled egg, some pineapple salsa, a piece of a vegetable omelet and some salami. It was all good, but the seaweed salad tasted as if including a sugar-added ingredient, the omelet seemd to contain cheese, which I only I realized after started eating it, and salami always contains some bad stuff :(

To drink, plain water.

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