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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 0.2 - September 6th, 2013

Another Day 0. Oh well...

Today was actually supposed to be my Day 1, and I did try to do everything right. But just before dinner (or meal 3, as the book likes to call it) I allowed myself 4 or 5 cashews. Cashew is an approved item, and that's why I went for it. Then, after having the cashews and upon tasting the oil on it, it occurred to me that it might contain non-approved oils. And sure enough, I read the label to find out the ingredients were: cashews, salt, peanut oil.

Oh no!!! That means I need to start all over tomorrow... After all, one of the rules are:

We'll be honest - The Whole30 is strict. It demands a full thirty days, and requires that you radically alter your daily diet for the duration. The rules are clear, and do not allow for substitutions or exceptions.

I've been so good in reading labels, but left this one pass...

But that's fine, at least it was on the first day.

I still ate following the rules, if we don't consider the cashews, so I thought I would still post here a description of my meals.

Meal 1

For my first meal, I decided to vary from eggs and explore new ideas. So I had smoked salmon (sugar free recipe) on top of a bed of thinly sliced cucumbers with quartered pimiento olives, capers and a drizzle of olive oil. To drink, coffee with one tablespoon of coconut milk, and to wrap it up, a pluot.

First meal of Day 0.2

Meal 2

My second meal today was at the office. I ordered a salad from the grill that was made of: herbed grilled chicken breast over spinach, grilled fennel root, citrus radishes. It was supposed to come with vinaigrette, but I was afraid it would contain non-allowed ingredients, so I ordered with no dressing, and dressed the salad myself with olive oil and red wine vinegar. To drink, strawberry, basil and lemon infused water, and to wrap it up, a few dry roasted macadamias.

Second meal of Day 0.2

Meal 3

By this time, I had already slipped on the cashews and could have chosen to eat the same as the rest of the family, since I'd have to start over anyways. But instead I choose to keep following the rules. So my third meal of the day was ground beef, cooked with sweet peppers, on top of zucchini and eggplant noodles, with a bit of mashed cauliflower. To drink, plain water, and to wrap it up, half a mango. It was the ugliest, but definitely the yummiest meal of the day!

Third meal of Day 0.2

In regards to how I felt, I felt satisfied and had no real need to snack. On the psychological side, though, the idea of not snacking feels just weird. I was used to be always munching on something at work, when things were not hectic. Now I don't feel the hunger need for a snack (have I ever?) but I still think of it, not as something I'm craving, but just as something that feels weird not to have anymore...

Other than that, all is good.

Up to another attempt of Day 1!

* the quote above was taken from the book it starts with food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

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