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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 0 - September 5th, 2013

Day 0 is basically a preparation day. When we sign up at the Whole30 Program website to receive daily newsletters, you set which date you plan to start and the day before you receive the Day0 newsletter with instructions on how to prepare.

My Day 0 was actually a few weeks, rather than a day. In August I read the book, then I decided to start right after the labor day weekend, on September 4th. But on September 2nd I got sick and decided to postpone my starting date to the following Monday, September 9th. But by the 5th, I was feeling so well and at the same time so ready to start, that I signed up to start the very next day.

A Friday!!!

So I got my newsletter on Thursday evening, which did not allow me to follow their checklist before actually starting, but since I was already being informed and had already gone shopping with the rules of the program in mind, I felt I could still start anyways

The list they suggest we check before starting is as follows:

  1. Clean up your pantry and fridge
  2. Set your goals
  3. Take a before picture to create a before and after comparison of yourself

The cleanup part I did not do and must confess I don't plan to. I live with 3 other people who are not doing the program and I'm not the kind of person who feels too extremely tempted to eat stuff I see, so I decided to leave things as they are and not bother to rearrange any organization we have already set in our pantry and fridge. Maybe this will be harder than I think and I'll change my mind in the weeks to come, but as of now, I guess I can make it without the cleanup step.

For setting goals, I'm not too great at it, but I'll try. I'm writing this during my Day 1 and I haven't started on the goals yet, so no promise it will happen today, but I do plan to set them within this first week. Maybe tomorrow...

The before and after pictures sound cool. So here's my before one:

Before Picture

So my Day 0 started about a month before the actual start of the program and extended for a couple more days, as I still wanted to follow the checklist.

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