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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 1 - September 7th, 2013

Today was day 1 indeed! I made it the first day with no slips! Yay!

About the peanut oiled cashews event of yesterday, Miss V posted in facebook a funny quote dedicated to me:

"You know you’re on the Whole30 when licking a birthday card envelope turns into an unexpected afternoon treat, and you immediately wonder if you've ruined everything." - Liz E.

But you know what? The person quoted and I are not the only ones. Someone else from our group posted today a similar story, she just didn't have to reset her count... Here's her story:

"So I bit into a piece of dried mango yesterday evening that apparently had a boatload of sugar, spit it out immediately and cleaned my mouth a million times!" - R.G.

So there you go. I'm not the only one ;o)

But today there were no slips or accidents. I ate beautifully!

Meal 1

For my first meal, I went back to the eggs, since they do hold my hunger for longer than anything else anyways. I made them scrambled with half a small nectarine, the last piece of smoked salmon and some tomato. For drinking, I tried the black coffee plain, but had to again resort to a bit of coconut milk. Just a tiny bit, less than yesterday, but still there. Then to wrap it up I had the second half of my nectarine, and the left over from my kid's whole30-compliant eggs (just eggs made with ghee).

First meal of Day 1

Meal 2

On my second meal I tried to be creative and use the lettuce I have in the fridge (not at all a huge fan of lettuce. If you want me to eat leaves, give me some that has some taste, not a paperish one...), so I decided to do a lettuce wrap. I must say wrapping the stuffing was not easy and I ended up eating it with a fork more than as a wrap. But I did try. My attempted-wrap was stuffed with cucumbers, pimiento green olives, capers, radishes, heart of palms and the ground beef I cooked yesterday, with sweet peppers. Good! To drink, I had only old plain water and to wrap it up, an orange. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, while cooking I had an appetizer of a few dry-roasted macadamias.

Second meal of Day 1

Meal 3

Same appetizer during the cooking process, but different food after it. For my third meal, I decided to have something warm and created a plate that chef Ramsey would not complain about the plating at all. I had a layer of sautéed spinach, topped with a layer of quibebe (or sautéed butternut squash seasoned with herbs), topped with a layer of white fish. There was also 2 tiny pieces of carrots that were with the fish when I froze it few weeks ago. To drink, once again, plain water, and to wrap it up, half a banana.

Third meal of Day 1

About feelings and mood, I must admit my mood was not on its best days. But it's also not on its worse days either. I've been feeling full all day, but at the same time, constantly thinking about food. Either about the snacks I'm not hungry to have but miss the freedom to have them, either by worrying about what will I have the next meal, which new recipes should I try, do I have all the ingredients I need to have some variety?, etc, etc... I'm also thirsty and at the same time sick and tired of water. I even posted the question on our facebook group asking what people is drinking. The program is not radically against fruit juices (my drink of choice at meals) but they ask us to avoid, so that's what I'm doing. Guess I'll have to try having some green tea?

Other than that, once again, all is good.

Heading to Day 2!

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