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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 11 - September 17th, 2013

Migraine is gone and house is sortof a mess. I still tried to pack lunch in the morning, which caused my daughter to be a little late in school. Oops! :S But at least I got some organization done.

Meal 1

In the morning, in the middle of all the catch up from not doing much due to migraine last night, I cooked my eggs with some mixed grape tomatoes, half a log of heart of palms, some spinach and a mini-pinch of cayenne pepper. I actually had several different ideas, but ended up choosing this pone, which seemed the easiest.

To drink, black and plain coffee.

First meal of Day 11

Meal 2

For meal 2, I was able to pack lunch today (and use for the first time ever my new lunch bag). But I decided to not only make a salad but also some dressing to vary from the plain olive oil. The salad had lettuce, mixed grape tomatoes (yep, same ones, bought yesterday and savoring them as much as I can), cucumbers, green sweet peppers, thinly sliced raw beets, half an avocado, carrots, the other half log of the heart of palms, canned tuna and some chopped hazelnuts. The dressing was a blend of extra virgin olive oil, yellow mustard and mustard seeds, with a tiny bit of black pepper. Yummy. The mustard did make a huge difference. I guess it's time to start really planning to create some different dressings.

To drink, most of the infused water containers were empty, so I chose the one that still has enough to fill my cup, and that was cucumber infused water.

Second meal of Day 11

Meal 3

At night, I just had to finish with the eggplant stew before it started to taste old. But I wasn't really in the mood for too spicy food, so I tried to 'dilute' the spiciness by mixing some tomato paste and half an avocado on it. It may have made it slightly milder, but still spicy. But nevermind, it is all gone now. Don't get me wrong, I did like the recipe, I just thought it was a bit spicier than I like for my own taste. I'll probably try again someday, but probably a much smaller batch and with about half the amount of pepper. The meat wasn't old though. And it was AMAZING! My oldest daughter, who is the hardest one to eat, ate the whole plate and much quicker than usual. It could be because they did soccer in school today and got hungrier with all the exercising, but I think it has a lot to do with her being pleased by the way the food tasted. Today, for the steak I tried the Dallas and Melissa's Mocha Steak Rub, included in the book It Starts With Food. I did only one small modification, which was to leave the clover out, since I didn't have any. It was delicious! I still have some leftover rub, so I'll store it and sure make again some other day.

To drink, I infused my water with some melon, and then had the pieces of melon, after finished with the water.

Third meal of Day 11

Today was a good day. I was pretty energetic, my mood was improved, I was more attentive in meetings, more responsive at work and didn't get too irritated even when the girls were misbehaving. Feeling great!

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