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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 12 - September 18th, 2013

Today was a good day. Energy level is high, mind is sharp, I'm communicating well, doing tasks I've been forgetting about or procrastinating for some time... Pretty productive me. And I do relate this t the change in my diet, since the same happened a couple of years ago when I tried a cut-the-carbs diet as an attempt to improve my mood.

Meal 1

For my first meal of the day, I did my eggs with some smoked salmon and about half an apple. Then, after the eggs were gone, had the other half of the apple. Must confess I like the apple better out of the eggs, but it was still ok to mix them, not as sweet as the nectarine of the other day.

To drink, plain black coffee, as always...

My first meal on day 12

Meal 2

Today, in the morning I got 1. lazy; 2. worried about making my daughter be late for school again. With that, I decided not to pack any lunch and scavenge on the salad bar at work. Then I decided to meet a friend at a vendor restaurant within campus, that has a big variety of food you take and pay based on how much it weights. I went directly to the salad area, as I wasn't sure which types of oils had been used on the hot stuff, and made myself a salad with arugula, spinach, beets, cherry tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, pepperoncini and shrimp. To dress is, I used extra virgin olive oil, smoked black pepper and Moroccan sea salt.

to drink, strawberry and basil infused water. But the cup there is so small.... That once I was back into my building I grabbed another regular-sized cup on my own cafeteria.

My second meal on day 12

Meal 3

For the last meal I wanted to try a recipe I found even before I started, and for which the ingredients were just waiting in the fridge for me to find time for them. So I got home a bit earlier with the intention of getting started, before it was time to prepare dinner for hubby and kids. But then, I as open my pantry I realized there was still some ingredients missing, so I had to leave again to go and buy them. This extra trip to the store delayed my plan and the kitchen became a bit chaotic, but I did it. The recipe I chose today was of a Spinach-Cilantro Curry, that came with my farmer box a couple of weeks ago. It turned out delicious, and I had it with steak, olives and a bit of sweet potatoes. The original idea for the recipe is to serve as a dip, but it went very well with the steak. Tomorrow I'll try it as salad dressing. But it all ended up being small so I had to complement with some melon.

To drink, I infused my water with a couple of pieces of the same melon I ate after the steak was gone.

Third meal of Day 12

Today was another great day. I bought my domain, talked about the program with a friend who is also interested in nutrition and do believe it can help us improve our bodies and minds, we started some discussion on our group about next steps and how are we perceiving any changes in our physical appearance, even without stepping on the scale...!

For myself, I'm feeling much leaner. Clothes that were really tight before are good now, the ones that were just slightly tight last week are actually loose now, and I just feel and look leaner. My husband has also noticed, btw, so it’s not placebo effect… ;o)

It was also proposed that I add more pictures of myself here in the site. I'll try to take a 'during' picture for the before-(during)-and-after comparison. I'll publish it here once I take it (not today, though, since my cortisol level is already pretty low and I need some sleep... ZZZZZZZZZ.............

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