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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 13 - September 19th, 2013

Today, the morning was a bit busy, having to pack lunch for myself, pack lunch for my little one who would have field trip, dressing both of them as pirates for a Pirate Day in school, all on top of everything else we do every morning. But I was still able to pack my lunch (which is usually what gets left behind).

Meal 1

To break my fast today, I had eggs with some canned salmon, onions and herbs. I also steal some of the grapes I was washing to pack for my daughter.

To drink, plain black coffee. BTW, my coffee is almost finished. Need to order more, so I don't need to go to a worse brew and deal with it black...

My first meal on day 13

Meal 2

For lunch, my packed lunch had 3 little containers. One with some fish, another one with a salad and the third one with the spinash-cilantro curry from yesterday, that I decided to add as dressing in my salad. The salad itself had lettuce, heart of palms, olives, cremini mushrooms and mixed grape tomatoes. The combination was very good. I'm still loving my spinach-cilantro curry.

To drink, pineapple mint infused water.

My second meal on day 13

Meal 3

In the evening, I decided to arrive a little bit earlier at home to have some extra time for cooking and preparing. Today I had to cook for myself and also some rice for hubby and kids. Last night my Full Circle box arrived containing one delicata squash. On the little newsletter they send with the box had a recipe for roasted squash that was Whole30 compliant and seemed pretty good. Needless to say I had roasted delicate squash today. And with it a little spinach salad with tomatoes, mushrooms and carrots, and the mocha steak that I couldn't resist repeating today. All (except the steak) dressed up with a chile-lime vinaigrette, that was part of the squash recipe. Then I had an orange.

To drink, I added a lemon wedge to my water today.

Third meal of Day 13

Today was anohter good day and I'm starting to feel more confident with all the cooking.

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