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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 14 - September 20th, 2013

Today I'm feeling funny. A bit light headed, don't know why. Maybe I didn't have enough sleep? Maybe I'm doing it in a way that something is still missing? I guess I do consume enough calories and fats, and meats and even carbs (as squashes, sweet potatoes...). Maybe it's the water intake? I haven't been drinking enough and feel dehydrated? Don't know. All I know is that since early morning, I sometimes feel a bit light headed, especially when I do sudden movements (and NO, I'm NOT pregnant ;).

Because of the suspicion that it could potentially be dehydration, I went to the Whole9 site to check if I could have some coconut water, which I still have a couple in my office fridge. The I saw they say yes. YAY! But... the yes came with the warning that you can if there isn't any added sugars to it.

Coconut Water: Read your labels

Most coconut waters are technically compliant, containing only natural sugars from the coconut. However, some brands add sugar to their ingredients, so read your labels. Anything with added sugar is out for your Whole30.

Tip: Coconut water is essentially a "light" fruit juice. If you're involved in endurance athletics, work in a profession that leaves you prone to dehydration, or just want a refreshing treat, coconut water can be a fine choice for rehydration. Just don't let coconut water take the place of plain old water in your daily routine.

I was almost sure mine wouldn't, so I grabbed it happily and whent for the ingredients list. :o( Not cool! The brand I have DO add "less than 1% of natural fruit sugar". Humpf!

VitaCoco coconut water adds sugar to it :(

Meal 1

This morning I went for carbs and had 3 cubes of sweet potato with 2 eggs. It was something inspired on the sweet potato hash of the other day, just more sloppy...

To drink, plain black coffee.

My first meal on day 14

Meal 2

For lunch, I did not pack anything today, so I had to create a salad in the cafeteria salad bar. I forgot to take a picture of it, so I'll try to remember all I put in there, but may miss some: cabbage, arugula, tomatoes, mushrooms, radishes, 3 colors of sweet peppers, beets, cauliflower, shrimp and some fruit salad, all (except the fruit) drizzled with olive oil.

To drink, they had a new option today and that's the one I went to: berries infused water. It looked pretty pink and, as far as I could see, it had raspberries, black berries and maybe some strawberries too. That one, was still not finished when I got back to my desk and remembered the picture, so the picture today will be of my pink drink, rather than of my food.

My second meal on day 14

Meal 3

In the evening, I had to get creative, for lack of defrosted meats. Hubby and kids had pasta with ham, I decided to use some smoked salmon. As a side I wanted something filling, since I spend the day felling funny (and I was hungry too), so I had the second half of yesterday's squash and some rainbow chard with a bit of ginger and some (a lot actually) pepper. It turned out beautiful with all the colors and yummy too. But even after I was done, I was still a bit hungry, to I finished it up with a pluot.

To drink, I had sparkling water with a slice of lemon. It felt a bit weird, after so many days of water with or without fruits or veggies but never sparkling, to have it sparkling with the meal. Good though.

Third meal of Day 14

Today, apart from not feeling too well, I also made some sad discoveries. First, the added sugar in the coconut water. Then, a couple of hours later, I was reading the blog Whole Life Eating and I found out that the salt I buy (the SALT!) contains sugar!!! What???? Sugar in the salt???? Yep. The amount is very minimum and I don't think I need to reset my count to 0 because of that, but tomorrow I'll make sure to buy a different one and that will be the one I'll use going forward.

In case you're curious I buy the Morton Iodized Salt, and here's the article I read that called my attention to it: Morton Iodized Salt: What's In It?

* the quote above was taken from The Whole9 website, page The Official "Can I Have..." Guide to the Whole30®

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