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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 15 - September 21st, 2013

I'm half-way through!!!! Woo-hoo!

And today was a pretty busy tiring day. And a bit challenging too at mid-day in regards to keep into the program, but I still made it! This weekend was the last one we had to use my Remlinger Farm groupon, so we took advantage of the fact that the forecasted rain did not show up and spent the day at the farm. I remembered that last time I was there I had a salad, so I didn't worry much and brought with me just some nuts for a potential snack in case of need (the same way I brought other snacks for the girls too). Then we left to have some fuuunnnn!

Meal 1

This morning I did my eggs green again. Not with avocado, though, but with a spoonful of my spinach-cilantro curry that still exist. I also added some grape tomatoes to it. My daughter also asked for eggs, and I had only 3 left, so I did 2 for me and 1 for her. For her I just added some parmesan, though, as green eggs for her sounds sort of cool because it reminds her of Green Eggs and Ham but seems yucky and gross. Oh well... have a lot to teach those kids... After the eggs I had a apple.

To drink, plain black coffee.

My first meal on day 15

Meal 2

At lunch time we were at the farm and I was already with the idea I was going to have a salad. But although it's a farm, that could provide visitors with all sorts of fresh produce and yummy salads, that's not how it goes at Remlingers. The place is great, no doubt about that, but their food sucks. The salads were all pre-made and I had only 2 options: ceasar and farm cobb. I ordered the cobb and had to take about half of it before eating. Blue cheese was out, chicken salad with the certainly-not-olive-oil mayo was out. But taking blue cheese out of a pile of veggies is not that easy, so even after taking the offenders out, I still didn't touch the area where they were sitting. There was still a bunch of other stuff, but the salad got a bit too small and I had to resort to my nuts and buy myself a peach at the farm store.

To drink, water.

My second meal on day 15

Meal 3

On our way from the farm we had to stop by a grocery store to buy some thawn meet (same issue as yesterday I REALLY need to start remembering to thaw meat like every day). I the store I had a cup of Rooibus tea. In the car I had a few more nuts and once I got home I had a few olives (the farm salad was indeed not enough to hold my hunger until next meal...) The meat of choice was steak and I ended up with a tasty steak topped with onions, tomatoes and mushrooms, with a side of a small spinach salad with carrots, leeks, radishes and olives, dressed with the chile-lime vinaigrette of the delicata squash I did earlier in the week, and some sweet potatoes mashed and mixed with the last bit of spinach cilantro curry.

To drink, water with a tiny piece of orange on it.

Third meal of Day 15

Fun day!

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