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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 16 - September 22nd, 2013

On day 16 my biggest temptation was popcorn. And twice. In the morning we went to swimming class, where the smell of popcorn always tempt me. Then, in the evening we took the girls to the movies with friends and I was the only one out of 8 not eating popcorn. Though, but I made it.

Meal 1

Another day o f green eggs. Actually green if one of the colors more frequent on my place lately. Today I scrambled my eggs with some guacamole I bought yesterday at Whole Foods. And that was it. What made hunger come really early for me today, between meals 1 and 2.

To drink, plain black coffee.

My first meal on day 16

Meal 2

As soon as we got home from swimming class I snacked on nuts and olives while preparing lunch for the whole family. The menu today for me included beef, roasted on mustard and coconut aminos, and vegetable curry.

To drink, San Pellegrino.

My second meal on day 16

Meal 3

At night, after being back from the movies, I decided I didn't want a warm meal or a salad. Instead, I wanted something quick and easy that felt like finger food rather than a real meal. So I did a little plate with prosciutto, smoked salmon, mushrooms with olive oil and herbs de provence, kimchi, cucumbers and olives.

To drink, plain water.

Third meal of Day 16

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