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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 18 - September 24th, 2013

Let's talk about side-effects (or should I say results?). In the Daily Newsletter of day 16, they list a few improvements people may be starting to notice by this time. Let's go one by one and see how I am doing in regards to each of them.

GOOD: You are falling asleep more easily and sleeping more soundly.

I definitely am. In the morning, I wake up better and don't drag myself anymore. Comes nighttime I've been feeling sleepy earlier, what makes me go to bed earlier than I used to and fall asleep much faster. I guess my cortisol is getting on track... Another thing I noticed about sleeping is that I have been dreaming much more than before. Like every night, at least twice (one before the potty break around 2:00 AM and the other after potty and before wake up time). And they are very vivid dreams. Sometimes tense and intense, but not too bad to be called nightmares. I guess that means I've been sleeping more deeply, which is good!

GOOD: You have increased energy that remains consistent throughout the day.

Yes, I do! My energy levels have been pretty consistent, my mind is sharper, I've been more proactive, less lazy and I don't need the afternoon coffee to boost my energy anymore.

GOOD: You've noticed that your clothes are fitting you better.

That is certainly the most noticeable one. At least for the people around me. The clothes that were super tight on me before I started are not only fitting me again, but they're even a bit loose. The ones that were only slightly tight or ok before are really loose now. In March this year my mom gave a t-shirt, that I wore twice and never again because it was suddenly so tight that was really uncomfortable, not allowing me to breath too well; well... I wore it last week and it fit me perfectly! I look at the mirror and I see a smaller me. My husband has noticed, my friend (the wife to the pizza guy from day 2) has noticed, and maybe other people too, who did not mentioned it. From previous experiences what I guess it's helping me here is cutting diary. The same thing happened when I had to cut diary while breastfeeding my first daughter. At that point I was able to go back to my wedding weight, which was something I haven't been able to accomplish since 2 weeks after the wedding. I don't think I want to go that low anymore. You know.., as you age, being too thin doesn't look as nice as when you're younger. And the wedding was 12 years ago... I also don't know how much I'm weighting right now, since we're not allowed to step on a scale, but certainly much less than about 2 weeks ago.

GOOD: You're starting to notice improvements at the gym, on the road, or in your sport of choice.

12 laps, or 2 miles, of jogging before workout and being able to still perform at workout is unprecedented! I'm even considering jogging the entire 5K I'm registered for on October 4th. ANs I'm also starting to really belive I can do it!

GOOD: You're feeling happy-happier than you have in a long time.

Life is beautiful! Today I went to a friend's office to wish him happy birthday and at some point I had the impression he was a bit amazed by my enthusiasm. The reason for my enthusiasm was obviously not his birthday, but I was telling him about this new trail I found nearby and although I do like trails and I guess I'd be enthusiastic even pre-whole30 for that, I just felt happier about it than I would normally. And I was showing it by emanating joyfulness. On more day-to-day real life examples, I've been much more patient with the kids, more talkative and open with everyone, I'm smiling more (although smiling was never a problem to me ;o) and feeling simply better about life and all.

For the more sciency part they have several categories, but the one that I can talk more about is the one about inflammation.

In the body: decreased inflammation.

I guess I mentioned already in an earlier post (yesterday?), but thing it's worth saying again that my plantar fasciitis seems to be gone, and that most of my other little pains here and there are also gone. Yay!

And all of this is so freaking cool. The food I miss the most is cheese, but in face of those results, I'm starting to guess that it's probably much better having cheese as part of the past and get rid of diary from real. The other factor, although that one I miss much less, if so, are the sugars and carbs, which affects my mood big deal. I rather feel happy without them, than grumpy munching on bread. Sometimes my husband asks when will this be over, and suggests we do a cheese fondue with wine after the 30 days are gone, but although the idea seems pretty tempting, I'm starting to question how often I'll be wanting to have cheese fondue. So maybe this will indeed become a life changing experience!

So now to the food journal.

Meal 1

Green eggs and ham! Well, cured ham, most commonly known as Prosciutto, but still ham, right? For the green color, some guacamole. Even my little one enjoyed. It's pretty common that she asks to share my eggs when she sees me having them. Las time she asked and I was having it green I made a plainer version for her. Today, though she actually shared mine. She did not have as much as usual, so maybe she still prefers the yellow version of the concoction, but she didn't look like at all like she didn't like it.

To drink, plain black coffee.

My first meal on day 18

Meal 2

For lunch, I packed a salad in the morning to bring to the office. The salad did not have many ingredients, but was very filling. Today's version included spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, beets, leeks, hazelnuts and sardines. To dress it I brought the little bit of leftover chile-lime vinaigrette I still had in the fridge, but it wasn't enough so I added more olive oil on top.

To drink, strawberry-basil water.

My second meal on day 18

Meal 3

For dinner, I had vegetable curry with another piece of yesterday's chicken. The curry was soo good! It had rainbow chard, zucchini, tomato, mushrooms, and carrots, and the curry itself was just coconut milk with a few shakes of curry powder and a pinch of sea salt. Yummy!

To drink, San Pellegrino.

Third meal of Day 18

* the quotes above was taken from The Whole30® Daily Newsletter - day 16  by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

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