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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 20 - September 26th, 2013

Today is day 20! Yoo-hoo! 2/3 of the way done! This is so great!

Yesterday, on my way home back from work I stopped by an organic-grass-fed-pasture-raised-only-meat butcher. The only problem is that I went there without a shopping list and a butcher is not a place easy to search for stuff by looking at the items, since most items are in the fridge and they keep on sight just the most popular ones. But I left there with 4 little packages: 2 lbs. of ground meat, a flank, a oxtail for some broth making, and a few slices of Paleo Bacon. Yes! They do have some Paleo-specific items, such as bacon and jerky. Cool. I'll probably become a frequent buyer there.

Another good/sort-of-funny thing that happened today was that I decided to wear a belt with my jeans, so it wouldn't be sliding down all the time. I grabbed a belt that's weaved, so there are no holes and you can buckle it anywhere. That's practical because it would take a LOT of weight gain to lose the belt. But in my case I had some weight loss. So I can use the belt easily. The thing is that the amount of 'leftover' belt after buckling was a bit too long to stay put on the first belt strip of my jeans, but not enough to get to the second one, so I had to be creative and used a hair band as an extra belt tip holder. hehehe By the way, that reminds me I need to buy some new (smaller) belts!

Trick to keep my extra long leftover belt in place

As for today, a challenge is scheduled for lunch: team lunch at RedHook Brewery. Sight. Brewery while not drinking? Mostly-burger-place without eating bread... But I looked at their menu and I guess there is ONE item that I can ask several questions about and be picky with some stuff in order to make is Whole30-compliant. Let's see... Worst-case scenarios, I'm taking a Lärabar and some almonds on my purse.

Meal 1

Yesterday I used the last eggs I had at home, but today there were more in my farmers box. There is also plenty of fruits that are not being consumed as fast as they should at my place, so today I decided to mix the eggs with fruits again. I did eggs with a few slices of nectarine (I didn't want too many slices, to avoid the extra-sweet eggs from last week), some guacamole, fennel salt, herbs de provence and a bit of nutmeg. It was tasty. Then after the eggs I gave an end to the nectarine, eating it on its own.

To drink, plain black coffee. Today I tried one of the new flavors that have also arrived last night: linizio lungo. But I must confess, there was so much going on when I had my coffee that I didn't pay too much attention to the flavor. I know it wasn't bad, because that I would have noticed.

My first meal on day 20

Meal 2

The brewery lunch! It turned out pretty good and my snacks were not needed. And I even asked for a box to bring leftovers for tomorrow's lunch! The ONE menu item i saw that was potentially compliant was a smoked turkey leg. I asked if there was anything added to is, or if it was just smoked, and she told me just smoked. Cool. Then among the side dished listed as options for the big leg, most were potato in some format, and there was coleslaw. I asked if she could bring it with no dressing, but she couldn't because it was already mixed with the dressing. No go, then. But she was very nice and helpful so she suggested I ordered a house salad. From the house salad, all I needed to cut was the candied walnuts and the dressing. When it arrived I dressed it with olive oil and a bit of yellow mustard. In the end, after all the inquiries and adaptations, the meal was very good and super-duper filling! The second half of the little leg is now on my office fridge...

To drink, water. That was the sad part. We were 7, from which 5 were drinking beer. After all it was a brewery! And the smell of all that beer.... ah.... longing....

My second meal on day 20

And that's me eating primal style...

If we're doing paleo, let's eat primal-style, just like a cavewoman

Meal 3

AT dinner time, things were a bit hectic. My original plan was to get home early and took the alone time to cook the beef I bought yesterday. But by the time I was starting to prepare to leave the office, my husband pinged me asking if I could pick up the girls. With that, no arriving earlier and having alone time... I ended up starting to cook late, so I took a piece of the flank, sliced in thin strips and pan fried for them, while for me I'd have another piece of the best-chicken-youll-ever-eat-ever. But then as my husband starts eating the meat, he things it has a funny taste and asked me to try (it was compliant). It was indeed bad. Tasted like old meat. e told the girls to stop eating the beef and threw the whole thing away. That was sort of a setback, because it made me very disappointed with the butcher shop.

After cooking bad meat for my family and then replacing it to my oldest daughter, who was the only one who did not accept the idea of eating without meat, I had no idea of what to cook for myself as a side to the chicken. Ended up cooking some collard greens with bacon (the bacon at least was good). Then, a plout.

To drink, San Pellegrino.

Third meal of Day 20

AT the end of the day, the day was just weird and disappointing, with my CSA box arriving with missing items and the meat I so happily bought on an organic butcher tasting bad. But the leg of turkey was worth it. Tomorrow I'll have some more!

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