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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 21 - September 27th, 2013

Today was a hurried day. Running to leave home and drop kids in school. Running to do everything I had to at work before 12:30. Running to pick up oldest kid and take her to doctor appointment. Then a bit of slowing down, but still on the road killing time with a 5-year-old before picking up the little one in school and heading home.

Meal 1

With the rush rush in the morning, I didn't have much time to think of creative ways to do my breakfast (or to remember to take a picture of it), so I had them with the eggplant spread again, and am using here the same picture as last time.

To drink, today I had the linizio lungo again. It's good, but not as good as the other 2 I'm used to buy.

My first meal on day 21

Meal 2

At lunch time I was again pressured by time, so I had lunch in the office. In the office does not necessarily mean in front of the computer, but it is still faster than going to the cafeteria. In spite of the rush of the morning, I was still able to throw some lettuce, tomatoes and carrots in a container to bring to the office. I also grabbed the leftovers on my mocha steak rub I did last week. So when it was time to lunch, I dressed the salad with the rub mixed on some olive oil and added the remaining of my turkey leg from yesterday's brewery lunch. The mocha rub became a mocha dressing and did not do bad at all. It actually turned out very good.

To drink, plain Talking Rain.

My second meal on day 21

Meal 3

When I got home, another disappointment with Bill the Butcher. As I started cooking the ground meat, it smelled really bad. I gave up and threw it away. And I also gave up on the oxtail, without even trying. I just don't trust anything that was on that shelf anymore. So out of 4 items, only 1 seems to be edible. My next step will be to make a complaint. But feeling disappointed doesn't put meat on my or my family's plate, so I still had to come up with something. Poor husband ended up going for a sandwich. For the girls I washed one of the leftover pieces of the best-chicken-youll-ever-eat, so it would not be too spicy for them, and got another piece for myself. To complement it, I did another lettuce wrap that also contained tomatoes, olives, capers, beets, carrots and guacamole. It turned out yummy, but I really wanted to have had my ground beef and take a break of the curried chicken. Oh well...

To drink, San Pellegrino.

Third meal of Day 20

So the end of this week was very disappointing. The so famous organic butcher, where I bought only bad meat, and my farm forgetting to pack my veggies. The veggies! Fruits came, leaves came, eggs came and that was it. I sent an email to the farmer yesterday and they replied apologizing and at the same time thanking me for the feedback and also letting me now that they gave me a credit of 7 dollars. I honestly had preferred if they had sent my veggies in an express way, but fine, at least I didn't lose the money I paid for the veggies. To the butcher I haven't written yet, but just yet. I will for sure!

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