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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 23 - September 29th, 2013

Today was a good day. Busy! But good. Swimming in the morning (and didn't even felt tempted by the popcorn. It's true though that there was no popcorn smell. The ones that were there were probably old already...). Then a lot of work at home with laundry and kids-clothing-sorting-and-organizing.

Food-wise, I wasn't extremely inspired, but was still able to create some good stuff.

Meal 1

In the morning, I decided to try to go egg-less today. Actually I'll try to go egg-less as much as I can this week, not because I don't like eggs (I love it) but because I think I need to have some variety. So today I went for a sweet potato hash - this time really hash, started with raw sweet potato - and smoked salmon. It was good, but the salmon got way too salty, so I guess next time I'll try a different protein with my hash.

For my coffee, I repeated the Roma brew again.

My first meal of day 23

Meal 2

For my second meal I made a salad of lettuce, carrots, julienned beets, and olives, topped it with ground beef and seasoned it with olive oil and black lava Hawaiian sea salt.

But as I prepared my whole30 meal, I was also preparing kids and hubby lunch, which today included some french fries. We buy frozen french fries and finish it at the oven (I don't fry anything at home if I can, and most of the time - like 99.9% of the time - I can). The interesting thing about the fries was that as I take them out of the baking sheet into the plates, I had the impulse to grab one and eat. It wasn't though because I was craving it or because I was too hungry. what I notices was that my impulse came out of a habit. Every time I make french fries, I get a couple while transferring them from baking sheet to wherever they're going. Just yesterday I read the newsletter about habits and I guess that was what made me aware of this french fries (bad) habit of mine. In any case, I resisted and had not fries. Not even a tiny little one just out of the oven...

To drink, plain water.

My second meal of day 23

Meal 3

In the evening, I wanted to use some cauliflower, but I did not want a cold salad. So I cooked it together with collard greens with some coconut milk, salt, pepper and a tiny bit of fish sauce. I also cooked some butternut squash and dressed it with a bit of ghee and some dried parsley. The main ingredient: ground beef again.

My third meal of day 23

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