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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 26 - October 2nd, 2013

Today I took some time to make modification into my site. Still trying to decide how I'll continue it after the program is completed...

Another cool thing today was to receive the testimonials of the people in the group who has recently reached their day 30. They all seem very happy and healthy. And so do I actually. My plan it to have an off-plan meal on day 31 and then start it all over, maybe a little less neurotic about which oil they se to grill the chicken in the cafeteria, but still following the rules as much as I can. With that piece of news, my husband got worried about who will gonna drink all the wine we have recently gotten as an EveryMove reward... Hehe. Although I'm more a beer person, than a wine person, I guess I can eventually help him out on this...

Meal 1

Ok, so I'm now convinced that I can be creative and make some yummy breakfast that do not contain eggs. Job done, now I guess I can get back to the eggs, right? Yeah... Yeah.. I really wanted to get away from eggs, just because having them every single day gets old and boring after a while. But I still like to have eggs at breakfast, to today they made a come back at my plate, scrambled with green pepper, ginger and roast beef. Yum! By the way, did I ever mentioned here that I LOVE ginger? 'Cause I do! Yum, yum!

For my coffee, Roma roast.

My first meal of day 26 - back to eggs!

Meal 2

For lunch, I brought food from home, but decided to bring something warm. So I got some left over butternut squash, some more leftover asparagus and a bit of leftover ground beef. Thank God for leftovers! hehehe. But I had the impression it was a bit too little and it wouldn't be enough to hold me until Meal 3, so I also brought a pear, to fill me up a bit more. And the pear was delicious!

To drink, pineapple-mint water.

My second meal of day 26 - leftovers

Meal 3

At night, I decided to be done with the ground beef, and made a curry with it: ground beef, ginger, green peppers, tomatoes, green beans, a tiny bit of red chard, heart of palms, water chestnuts, carrots, coconut milk and curry powder. I served it on top of a couple of lettuce leaves and made it a meal.

To drink, another slim can of Perrier (bought a 10-pack).

My third meal of day 26

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