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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 29 - October 5th, 2013

Day 29 is over. Now only 1 more!!!! Yoo-hoo!

Today I had a party again, but it was much easier, as it was in between meals. I did snack on some strawberries and grapes there, but just a bit. But overall the day was great.

Meal 1

Today I had no eggs at all at home, so I had no option other than go egg-less again. But I had to be in school early and I wasn't too creative in the morning, so I went once more for the sweet potato hash. This time with sausage only.

For my coffee, Linizio Lungo roast.

My first meal of day 29

Meal 2

The class ended at 12:30 and I drove home having some nuts. I was hungry and then I realized I had no thaw meat to cook for hubby and me If it was only me, it would have been fine, because I have some fishes (cooked and frozen or canned varieties), but hubby does not eat fish, so I needed to have some meat. On my way home I stopped by the Butcher Shop Cafe again and got 1 NY to cook right away for lunch, 2 pounds ground meat that would become ground beef and meatloaf muffins, and one pork butt to try the Kalua Pork recipe from nom nom paleo. Once at home I turned the NY into a stir fry, with carrots, radishes, spinach, heart of palms, water chestnuts, mushrooms and green beans. His half was served over soba noodles, while my half was put to top of some lettuce and green cabbage.

To drink, pear infused water.

My second meal of day 29

Party snack

Yeah, I know I shouldn't snack just because I see other people eating, but the strawberries and grapes were looking so nice... and I did had a bit of hunger...

Meal 3

At night I was lazy to even think about what to cook for myself. The girls got their staple rice/beans/meat/veggies; hubby has a sandwich. What about me? Nope, not in the spirit of figuring out nicely combined meals. So I opened my fridge to see what I had there and started grabbing things that I though could potentially work well together and also that did not require any prep. So in the end I had for dinner: smoked salmon, vegan pesto, kimchi, pico de gallo, hazelnuts and carrots. It turned out pretty good, actually.

To drink, a slim can or Perrier.

My third meal of day 29

By the way, my class today was for the web design certificate program and the subject I am taking now is Wordpress. I have been blogging with wordpress for several years, but we still had to create a new blog today. Guess what's my new exercise blog about?

Yeah!!! You got it! About Paleo and whole30 and all of that stuff... ;o)

So for a month-long break homework I created this site you're reading right now, and for class exercise on Worpress I created a blog. Some of the content there (actually almost all!) is repeated from here, but I would still encourage you to check it out and maybe leave some comment if you wish.

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