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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 30 - October 6th, 2013

Today is done! This month is done! Whole30 is over for me!!! (or at least for now, until a couple of days...)

So yeah! I made it! What now? Well... first things first, tomorrow I'll have some cheese! Don't know exactly how much and how, but that's the treat I'm having.

I know... I know... we shouldn't have it as a treat, instead see it as a re-introduction of an ingredient. But oh well. Heck with the scientific terms. Tomorrow I'll be having cheese as a treat and then I'll go without it again for another 30 days!

I'm thinking adding some cheese to my morning eggs, and then maybe a pizza for dinner. My problem with the pizza is that I do miss the cheese and cheese on a pizza tend to be simply wonderful, but at the same time pizza comes with dough and I don't really crave or care about or miss the dough. My life it much better without the grains (and the cheese) and I'm not sure I want it back. hum... I guess I need to sleep over it. Maybe a tiny bit of dough from a thin pizza won't hurt much (oops - another thought that I should have learnt to not have anymore...)

Anyway, let's leave to tomorrow what belongs on tomorrow, right? So now for the today meals...

Meal 1

Yesterday hubby went grocery chopping and brought home a dozen eggs. Yay. So this morning I had them with some pico de gallo and vegan pesto.

For my coffee, Roma roast.

My first meal of the last day! 30

Meal 2

At my second meal, I ate the meatloaves I cooked yesterday. The original recipe is not paleo and I tried to paleotize it a bit. Turned out good, but not as good as I had planned. So I'll try to improve the recipe before posting it here. But it was muffin- sized meatloaves with butternut squash, sautéed spinach and a big elmo-like smile.

To drink, a can of Perrier.

My second meal of day 30

Theater snack

Oh boy! Those snacks are starting to be too frequent Gotta stop it. But today I took the girls to the theater and after the play was over they asked to play a bit in the park. Well... can't really say no to the cutties... but that meant starting feeling hunger on the road. Luckily I came 'armed' with a little container with some almonds and hazelnuts.

Meal 3

At night I had several different options, as I have been cooking the entire weekend. The last thing I cooked was the Kalua Pig I cooked in the slow cooker for 18 hours! It was just about time for dinner anyways, when I started to shred it... And Oh-My-Gosh! The thing was so delicious, that I simply couldn't help eating from it right there while shredding it. Then, when it was time to serve kids and hubby their dinner I wasn't too hungry anyways. So I broke a rule without breaking too many rules, and eat just fruits. fruits are an allowed item, so I still stayed true to the ingredient list of the program, but they also tell us to prefer veggies over fruits. The thing is that after having all that Hawaiian-style pork I just felt I needed to continue tropical and had a couple bananas, and a bite on hubby's orange.

To drink, strawberry infused water. Oh yeah. Almost forgot to mention... I ate the strawberries too after the water was over.

My third meal of day 30

So today was the last day. I was exited but at the same time anxious... Ready to start it all over, but eager to have some off-plan little things (did I mentioned cheese? Maybe some chocolate too - BTW, I did buy a Coconut Bliss flavor Chocolate-hazelnut. haven't tried yet. tomorrow...)

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