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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 5 - September 11th, 2013

Today seems like will be another low-energy day. After being so tired yesterday, I really want to have a good night of sleep. I had an ok night but not a great one. And the alarm clock I set did not go off, so I ended up getting up in a hurry almost half an hour after the time I should have and this did not help either. So the whole low-energy thingy because my body id 'fat-adapting' plus the lack of the amount of sleep I needed, plus the approaching of my period is making me pretty grumpy today. I'm grumpy for feeling always full and not allowing myself a little i-am-eating-when-not-hungry snack. I'm grumpy because I need more time to prepare my meals. I'm grumpy because I would really, really want to drink something that is not a variation of water (plain water, cold-infused-with-fruit water, hot-infused-with-leaves water - a.k.a. tea, bubbly water...).

Anyway: grumpy!

Meal 1

For my meal 1, remember the gororoba leftover I mentioned yesterday? There wasn't enough left to make it a full meal, so today I decided to use it as a filling for an omelet. It was tasty. And I found out that I'm still able to flip the omelet in the pan! Yay!

First meal of Day 5

Meal 2

For my second meal, after the neurotic doubts I had yesterday with the potential non-compliant ingredients in the cafeteria salad items, I decided to bring my own lunch in spite of the hurry in the morning. So I brought a home-made salad of lettuce, heart of palms, radishes, avocado, carrots, kalamata olives, canned salmon and cucumbers. I was not sure if it would be a good size or maybe too small, as I'm not used to pack salads. If it turned out to be small I would add a nectarine (not as a sweet treat, but rather as a complement). But in the end, the nectarine wasn't needed, as the salad was pretty filling :(

To drink, the same beets and lemon infused water of yesterday.

About an hour later we had a party in the office for someone who is leaving the company. I went there expecting to see some fruits, which are pretty typical on those parties, so I could have a small one as a complement to Meal 2 (something like 1 strawberry or a couple grapes, instead of my big nectarine), but there was nothing. Just cake. 2 of them!!! Cake is not my favorite food and sometimes I skip it, so I can't say it was too tempting, but I still chose to leave the party when they started to pass it around, just to avoid having to keep saying no every time someone would come to me with a piece, and have to potentially explain... Too grumpy to give anyone any reasons for what I do.

Second meal of Day 5

Needed Snack

The rule about snacks is to eat them only if really needed. If you start feeling like you want/need to eat, try to evaluate if it's really out of hunger, or if it could be out of cravings. If craving, resist and do not snack. If you're really hungry, and eat on, but try to snack on proteins and fats, rather than on fruits.

Well I had to run some errands after work that took much longer than expected and then I got stuck on traffic. One of the errands was at the supermarket and by that time I was feeling hungry already (6+ hours after my salad), so I decided to try an item that is Whole30 approved but that I had never tried before: a Larabar.

That was my first snack since starting in the program.

I did like the bar, but, to be honest?... too sweet! More than I'd like on a snack.

Meal 3

For my last meal I had lots of plans. The problem was that all of my plans required some time to cook and I wasn't able to get home early enough to implement them. So I had to resort to creativity and do something quick with the ingredients at hand. So I grabbed and eggplant and got 3 slices of it opened a can of Organic oven roasted diced tomatoes, got some leek, a few thin slices of green pepper, some leftover butternut squash and 2 cubes of frozen chopped cauliflowers (yes, that's how I get my kids to eat their veggies... ;). Then I created a plate that had 3 parts: a eggplant, tomato, leeks sweet pepper and olives pile, a butternut squash and cauliflower mount, and a prosciutto tangle. Delicious!

To drink, strawberry infused water, which gave me the right to eat the wet strawberry afterwards.

Third meal of Day 5

At the end of the day I was feeling better than in the morning.

Preparing for a great day 6!

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