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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 6 - September 12th, 2013

Today I'm feeling much better. Not grumpy, not low-energy. Hoping this is it and the low energy and grumpiness are gone for real.

Meal 1

To start my day, I wanted something yummy but not too filling, since I'm meeting a friend for lunch at noon, and with those big meal 1's this week, I'm never really hungry at noon. So I did my eggs with sweet potatoes and leeks, but in a smaller amount than last time. It wasn't s hash, because time was short this morning, I simply threw it all in the pan and scrambled them together (did the leeks and sweet potatoes a bit before adding the eggs, just so the leeks cook a bit more. Not beautiful (scrambled eggs are never beautiful, right?), but yummy.

To drink, the everyday deal of black and plain coffee.

First meal of Day 6

Meal 2

For meal 2, or lunch, I had plans to meet a friend. I still didn't want to risk ordering something that could potentially be non-compliant, so I still brought my own food from home and took it with me to meet him. Last night, my farmer's box arrived and I also went to grocery store and bought some new different items to try. So today I made another salad with fish, but with some new items, fresh from the farm (or the grocery shelves ;). Today's version contained: lettuce, beets, kimchi, carrots, oven roasted tomatoes, leeks, radishes and sweet peppers. And the fish wasn't yesterday's canned salmon, but some of the fish I cooked on Sunday and froze in one serving portions. I did not mix the fish with the salad today because this friend I was going to meet turned vegan a couple years ago, and to show him my support and avoid temptation (which by now is probably all gone for him) I once promised him that every time we went for lunch, I'd go vegan with him. So the plan was to have the salad with him, and the fish later when I was back to my office. And the fish felt sooo good after only the salad. Recently in our facebook page someone posted a question on how to make the salads more filling. She got all sorts of answers and one of them was telling her to add more meat. Today I was able to prove that. I had my salad with no meats. It was a good sized salad but very light; I came back still hungry. Then once I was back on my office I heated the fish a bit and started eating it. It made such a huge difference. Protein is indeed key!

To drink, on meal 2.1 (the salad) I mixed 2 flavors of infused water: hibiscus and lemon. On meal 2.2 (the fish) I had a cup of Rooibus tea.

Second meal of Day 6

Meal 3

At night, we had spaghetti night! Today I was able to implement yesterday's plan, which was to cook the Morrocan Meatballs, from The Clothes Make the Girl. Yummy! And to go with it I cooked some pasta for hubby and kids and did myself some zoodles, or zucchini noodles. This time, though it looked more like noodles and did not look so yak like last time. Although I have to say the ugly version was a bit tastier...

To drink, my infused water today had beets and lemon zest.

Third meal of Day 6

I confess I'm starting to get tired of being always cooking, but at the same time I feel excited about trying new recipes. There were like 3 recipes I would have liked to make tonight, but time and tiredness allowed me only for the meatballs. So I'm ready to try new things on day 7!

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