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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 7 - September 13th, 2013

Since yesterday, my energy level is starting to get back on track. But working out still makes me more tired than it used to. I may have done things not quite right this week, though. While they say to take the week slowly, get some rest, maybe nap and don't overdo, I worked out 3 times this week. 3 times! Not the typical 2. The third session was today, and it was actually more or less the same as Tuesday but a little bit more advanced, since the class on Friday is for a more advanced level than the one on Tuesday. I did much better than Tuesday, which was the day I was dragging myself, but it was still more tiring than I thought it would be. In spite of it, still holding on. Next week will be better.

Meal 1

In the morning, I decided to have less eggs and add something different to it, just to pretend I was having something else. Sortof... I have nothing against eggs, I like them a lot, but having them every day and done always the same way (even if the additions to it changes) can get pretty boring. So today I decided to use ingredients I had no idea how they would go together with each other: eggs, coconut milk, sugar-free smoked salmon, banana, green olives. Well, it did work out fine, except for the olives. They just didn't match the rest. Too salty I guess. But the coconut egg with the salmon was great. And the bananas didn't bothered me. It could be a bit better if it was a bit less ripe, but it still worked fine.

To drink, good old black and plain coffee.

First meal of Day 7

Meal 2

For my meal 2, boy! I was hungry. After having a smaller amount of eggs in the morning and then going for workout, at noon my tummy was doing cartwheels out of hunger. I asked a friend if he was ready to go for lunch, but he was not, so we decided that he would ping me after sending his emails and doing the stuff he needed to do before leaving. So I go back to my desk and keep checking on IM every minute, anxious to see him pinging me that we should go. Then I was pinged! But not by him. I was a co-worker asking if I was coming to a meeting that had already started and that I have completely forgotten about. It was also a meeting I simply could not skip and it was 1.2 miles away. So I email my friend to let him know, grab my salad an walk really fast to get to the meeting 30 minutes after it had started (did the 1.2 miles in 18 minutes, stop by their cafeteria to get utensils, water and napkin and then went upstairs 3 floors to the meeting - and I ALWAYS walk within campus). So I had my meal during the meeting, which I know is not ideal, but today was simply unavoidable.

Today I brought another salad with 2 different types of lettuce, and colored sections. Red section with beets, kalamata olives and tomatoes. Green section with grapes, green peppers and green olives. White section with cauliflower, heart of palms and shredded raw zucchini. In the middle, a piece of pink salmon. All of it seasoned with olive oil and herbs de provence.

To drink, I got a strawberry-lemon infused water on the building where the meeting was, but I must say it didn't get anything from the infusion. Tasted like plain water.

Second meal of Day 7

Meal 3

For my last meal I was home with the girls, but no hubby, as he had a dinner to go with some of his co-workers. I almost felt tempted to do the quickest thing I could think of, but when I looked at the clock and saw the time required in the recipe I wanted to try, I though I could afford it. So I did the Eggplant-Shallot Stew recipe I found the other day. It took actually much longer than advertised, but it was still ready on an ok time. And I was able to have leftover Moroccan Meatballs with Eggplant Stew. The stew was yummy, but a bit more spicy than I could handle without something sweet on the plate. So, to break the spiciness in my mouth a little bit, today I had a fruit after I was done with the meatballs and stew, and ended the meal with a pluot.

To drink, I infused some water with a piece of lime and a few flakes of cilantro. I felt a bit like a very diluted limeade. Nice!

Third meal of Day 7

One funny thing is that last night I had a dream about food. It's apparently common for people to dream about the prohibited foods, as I could see in our facebook page and also we reported on the newsletter for Day 4:

Food Dreams
We've heard of folks dreaming about all kinds of foods - sometimes things they don't even eat in real life! Like an Arby's roast beef melt... Melissa dreamed about this fast-food fare during her last Whole30, and she's never even been to an Arby's!
So if you're having strange dreams about gorging on non-Whole30 foods... relax! It's totally normal, given the changes you've made, and it's not indicative of a weakening of willpower. Heck, if you get the chance, enjoy those cookies, cakes, or Arby's sandwiches, because in your dreams, those foods could make you more healthy!

So my dream tonight was very, very weird and there is no point in describing it here, but it did features beer (although it wasn't clear I was the one drinking it, as the bottle was already empty) and a sort of a cookie. The cookie was sort of like a cavaca, but not exactly. Cavaca is something I used to have as a kid, but never really, really enjoyed. We had it because our dad loved it so we bought, and if we bought we ate (hum... that seems like what we are trying to change here, right?), but it wasn't my favorite food at all. I'm not sure how to explain what a cavaca is, though. Maybe a biscotti, but made with corn meal and sold as a disc, not a slice like the biscottis we know... On the dream it was a small size, more or less like the picture below. It was not even something to tasty, but in that part on my dream I was waiting for my daughter, who was late and I was stressed out, irritated and hungry, so I saw this one cookie in a table and thought "Well, if I'm really hungry I'm still allowed to snack", so I got the cookie and started eating on it. It did not taste good and as soon as I bit on it and started eating it, I realized that THAT was not the kind of snack I could be eating, so I'd have to restart all over again on the program.

Cavaca, a sort of biscotti, but not too tasty.

I'm ready for day 8 and the start of my second week on the program!

* the quote above was taken from The Whole30® Daily Newsletter - day 4  by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

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