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My 1st Experience

with the Whole30 Program and Paleo eating

Day 8 - September 14th, 2013

My first week is gone! Yay!

But with the beginning of this second week I'll have one of the biggest challenges: the first party! And not only that, a party just before dinner time, which means I won't be able to have my meal 3 before because it will be too early and I won't be hungry, nor after, because it will be too late and I'll be starving. So I'll have to eat at the party. In the morning, I was struggling between calling the host and ask about the menu and bringing my own food. Or both so she know that and why I'm bringing food and don't take offense...

Then right after lunch my motivation went down a bit. By then my husband had announced he's not in the mood for a party and asked if I would mind going without him. Well, I do mind, but I think he has the right to choose not to go. But then, the thought of being on a party, with people that may or may not respect the fact that I won't be drinking and will be picky about the food, having to handle 2 kids and without my little support net, just made me not be in the mood for a party either... In the end, he went with me, which was lovely.

I was also feeling tired and starting to get annoyed by the need to always cook differently for me and them. That's when I started to question myself why da heck I'm doing this thing? Remember the goal settings I was supposed to do on day 0? I haven't done yet, because to be honest I have no clue what my goals are. It's not to improve any condition. It's not to lose weight. It's not the improve my mood. So why?

Deep breath!

Probably it was not by chance that right when I was feeling down and having doubts, I decided to read the newsletter for day 7, which I haven't read yet. And it was exactly about that!

Food for Thought
Just one short week ago, you created some Whole30 goals for yourself. And we suspect that there were parts of this last week that were tough, whether they involved food cravings, challenging social occasions, or a body and brain that just aren't yet totally on board with your new healthy eating habits. So today is the perfect day to remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing, and to focus on all of the positive changes you've experienced in the last week.
Set aside 15 minutes today to focus on what you've learned and experienced in the last seven days, and write it down in this Food For Thought worksheet. Don't skip this step - habit research shows that journaling your progress makes it much easier to visualize your goals, keep yourself on track, and helps you realize how far you've actually come in just one short week

So now let's go in parts, trying to respond to each 'it's not' I wrote above.

It's not to improve any conditions It isn't? Maybe it is. In the past several months I've been feeling little pains here and there. In March, I injured my feet and until now it's not completely healed. I have also been feeling my knees sometimes a little bit, my wrists sometimes a little bit, by elbows sometimes a little bit, the area right behind my left scapula sometimes a little bit more. Last time I went to my dental hygienist, she said that although the numbers measured on my gums were still good, my gums looked all red and swollen as if inflamed. And I must confess that when I started reading the book, the idea of cooling of inflammation is what bought me. So maybe it is to improve a condition.

It's not to loose weight Well, this is certainly not my main reason, but it's also true that I have been heavier than I would like, without being able to see the numbers in the scale go down successfully for a good few months now. So loosing some weight will certainly be welcome.

It's not to improve my mood About 2 or 3 years ago I did a similar, but less strict (I could still have diary) change um my diet, with the goal of improving my mood and help me with depression. And it worked magically. Since then I know exactly how sugars and high processed carbs can affect my mood. And I know that cutting them can improve it. In the past year or so I've been back into eating a lot of sugar and carbs, and my mood was not great. But because I now know a bit more how it works, I at least don't blame it on people anymore and don't discount on them so often, but still feel moody. So the possibility of fixing that again was also pretty attractive. This first week though was not great on that matters, but I do believe it will still improve.

So there you go. I now do have a list!

For my meals today, I started sweeter than I should, but then got back in track

Meal 1

On meal 1, I went for exotic and fruity eggs, and scrambled my eggs with nectarines and coconut milk. It ended up sweeter than I ever liked for early morning. I was never a fan of having sweets in the morning, because they tend to make me sick. And the caramelized nectarines did that today. It was tasty, but too sweet, so probably not a recipe I'll be repeating.

To drink, plain coffee. Today I decided to try to pay attention to each roast I use on my Nespresso machine, to decide which one I like the best. Yesterday I had the vivalto lungo and today I had the livanto. I guess I like the livanto better.

First meal of Day 8

Meal 2

At my second meal, I did stir fry for the whole family. But did 2 different versions. For me I was going to use fish sauce instead of soy sauce, but I was afraid my non-fish-eaters hubby and daughters would be bothered by it, so I did a big batch with soy sauce for them and a smaller batch with fish sauce for me. The other difference was that they got potatoes while I got eggplant, and they had it with rice while I had it on a bed of lettuce. So in the end, my version had: beef, leeks, onions, carrots, eggplant, tomatoes, a bay leaf and fish sauce.

To drink I had rooibus tea.

Second meal of Day 8

Meal 3

The evening was a disaster. I risked not taking food to the party, assuming they would be serving the stuff that is typical on their parties, which includes prosciutto and olives. But today they changed the menu. And there was nothing for me to eat. So from 5 to 8, which is exactly dinner time, I had an apple (actually 2 halves that were leftovers from my 2 kids) and an emergency larabar I took just in case. But they didn't serve me much, and I left the party felling extremely hungry and irritated (PMS playing a BIG role today too). As we got home, as I prepared the kids dinner, I attacked the macadamias and had a slice of smoked salmon. Then after their stuff was ready, I took the last 2 meatballs and had them with some of the eggplant stew from yesterday.

For drinking, at the party I had some San Pellegrino and at home strawberry infused water, from which I ate the strawberry once the water was over.

Third meal of Day 8

Bad, bad day today, but still one that I held on and did it. Looking forward for a better day 9.

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