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I tried the Whole30 program 2 times since September 2013. The first time I logged the entire run of 33 days (2 days 0, until the day after) in this site.

The second time was in February 2014, but I only logged the first 13 days into the program.

To see how I did on both runs of the program go to My experience page.

Now, I'm done with the second program and will continue eating Paleo, since it makes me feel so much better. But I plan to use it more as a template, that I'll adapt according to how my body reacts to each individual piece.

How does diary affect me? or non-gluten grains? or gluten? or legumes????
I'm currently in the process of finding this out by reintroducing these items and observing.
My goal is to incorporate back into my diet the ones that do not seem to affect me much, and have the other only occasionally if at all.

In regards to my web presence, I decided to go back to blogging, as I think this is the kind of information that fits a blog better than a static site.

So go check out the blog at:

Paleotizing the Girl

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